Vineyard Views from your Family Home

Time to Stomp the Grapes

Have you ever wanted to own your own winery? How about the perks without the work? You can have the view, and you can drink the wine and watch the grapes grow.

Much of the land in and around Kelowna is “in the Agricultural Land Reserve”, meaning the land must remain dedicated to agriculture. As the Okanagan’s wine industry grows, more and more hectares of land have been converted from growing tree fruits to growing grapes.

Vineyard views change from season to season, but the striped patchwork of vine rows is picturesque any time of the year. Since the vines are typically planted on hillsides, your view could well include the lake too. Lovely!

Why not pour yourself a glass from that bottle you picked up at the winery up the street? Now, take a seat by the window, give your glass a swirl to release the bouquet, breath in deeply, and take a sip.

Betsy would love to show you vintage view homes and she might even be persuaded to stop and sample.