Home Staging

You've decided to sell your property and your real estate agent has organized an open house for prospective buyers. Now, it's important that your home looks its peak best to compel buyers to make a bid. Home staging plays a critical role in the pre-purchase process. It's the element that could turn an interested prospect into a captivated buyer. Here are a few tips garnered through our years of experience selling real estate across the region. 

Remove Personal Items 

It's important that buyers can picture their families living in the home. Sellers can help create that ideal fresh environment by removing personal items such as photos and family heirlooms from their living space. Buyers will then begin to imagine their new beginning in the home. 

Enhance Kitchen Décor 

Small kitchen design enhancements can have lasting return on investment during the home staging process. Sellers might consider, for example, installing new backsplash within the kitchen to help maximize the area's appeal. 

Focus on Curb Appeal 

The immediate impression of the home is one that prospective buyers will hold in their memory. Some buyers can be put off before they've even set foot inside the home. Sellers must make a strong first impression by planting fresh flowers outside their property, ensuring all windows are clean and removing any obstacles from walkways and driveways. 

Professionally Clean Floors 

The flooring space is one of the most important elements within the staging process. Small stains can have a large impact on a buyer's purchasing decision and so home sellers must ensure their floors are expertly cleaned before their open house event. Rugs and other flooring décor should also be expertly cleaned to provide that fresh appeal that drives home purchases. 

Open and Clean Closet Spaces 

Prospective buyers want to see all the space available within the property. This means they'll likely peruse closets. During the home staging process, sellers should make sure all closets are clean while limiting the amount of clothes and belongings inside. 

Effective home staging requires a professional's touch. Contact Betsy Price today to learn the tips and techniques that can turn your home into a market showpiece.