Free Home Evaluation

Free Home Evaluation

Learning the true value of a home is a crucial first step in a homeowner's decision to put their property on the marketplace. Our team provides a free, comprehensive home evaluation service to help clients gauge whether it's the right time to place their home on the local market. A home evaluation is a critical tool for the following reasons. 

They Highlight Current Market Conditions 

Most homeowners have little understanding of their local housing marketplace. They don't know which properties are selling and which properties remain on the listings for several months. A home evaluation can help provide specific information on the direction of the local marketplace and ensure property owners make prudent choices on the timing of their sale. 

They Provide a Direct Connection to a Real Estate Specialist 

Undergoing the free home evaluation process provides sellers with a direct connection to a local market specialist. This connection could prove important should they decide to put the home on the market immediately. The market information provided by the specialist will be based on a comparison with other homes in the area to give buyers a complete understanding on their current market position. 

They Allow Sellers to Plan for Home Upgrades 

A free home evaluation can help sellers understand which home features are preferred by buyers in their region. For example, if buyers prefer granite kitchen countertops, sellers can consider the return on investment these items would achieve in the marketplace, and then begin saving the money to make the necessary changes. It's a process that prepares homeowners for their responsibilities when selling property. 

If you're considering selling your home in the near future, it's imperative to work with experts to evaluate your property and the local marketplace. You can receive your free home evaluation today by filling in your property information in the form below.